Goodbye Plastic!

Goodbye Plastic! It is a well-known fact that single-use plastic products are some of the most manufactured products in the world with millions if not billions of these products being produced daily.  Most of our daily use items and basic products in our society fall in the category of single-use plastic and our dependence on […]

Why Bamboo?

Why Bamboo?  Using bamboo is not only overall environmentally friendly, but it’s also one of the strongest materials on the planet. The amount of bamboo needed to produce a strong and durable product can be much less when compared to other woods and materials used in manufacturing. Bamboo has a strong, natural fiber that has […]

Using Bamboo In Your Home!

Bamboo and its Symbolism!  For centuries now this plant has been known as “lucky bamboo”.  What exactly is the “Lucky Bamboo” plant and how did it get its name?  The lucky bamboo is a plant originating from the tropics and it is known as Dracaena Sanderiana, a member of the lily species.  It is most […]

Qualities of Bamboo Furniture!!

Qualities of Bamboo Furniture!   Let’s all be honest with each other!  If there is a way to buy great quality furniture with style and modern flair all while making a commitment to being environmentally friendly we would! Sometimes we stray from our true beliefs for convenience.  But your love of modern furniture or quality […]

Facts About Bamboo Bedding!

You may have just spent hours laying on a variety of mattresses and think you just spent a lot of many to buy a good nights’ sleep.  Unfortunately, this may not be the only thing keeping you from a peaceful nights’ sleep.  Buying the right set of bed sheet is and should be a priority […]