Using Bamboo In Your Home!

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Bamboo and its Symbolism!

 For centuries now this plant has been known as “lucky bamboo”.  What exactly is the “Lucky Bamboo” plant and how did it get its name?  The lucky bamboo is a plant originating from the tropics and it is known as Dracaena Sanderiana, a member of the lily species.  It is most common in rain forests in Southeast Asia, Africa, and in Cameroon. The plant is tough and resilient, making it ideal for indoor use and is always a welcomed addition to any home décor.

There are benefits of having bamboo plants in home, office and in your workplaces, and depending on what you wish to accomplish, you can place the lucky bamboo plants anywhere you wish.

Lucky bamboo has been used in feng shui for centuries and can become a peaceful addition to your home. It is an incredibly popular feng shui “cure” because it activates stagnant energy and increases the flow of positive energy or what is called auspicious chi. These qualities are exactly why the plant and use of bamboo is becoming so popular.

Lucky Bamboo and Feng Shui

 This plant, as we have mentioned, is a powerful symbol of luck. Lucky bamboo is an endentifier of good fortune, along with prosperity and good health. All things you’d want for yourself and for your family! The best places to keep bamboo plants at home or office are south east for wealth luck and east for health luck. Also, decorate your home or office table with a bamboo plant.

To use this plant in feng shui, one plant will typically have the use of all 5 elements:

  • The element of wood is basically the bamboo plant.
  • The element of earth is usually stones or pebbles in the container (or vase).
  • The element of metal, the container in itself should be metal. However, glass will also be considered effective for this purpose and placing a coin within the glass container or attaching it to the exterior will still satisfy the use of the metal element.
  • Water element is most likely self-explanatory!
  • The element of fire. No! don’t set the plant on fire you will most likely burn your house down. In order to satisfy this symbolism of fire, place a red ribbon on the bamboo plant.

Generally, there are two types of indoor bamboo plants at home. They are:

  • Lucky bamboo (Dracena Sanderiana)
  • Lotus bamboo (Dracena Deremensis)

According to the Feng Shui, people consider that having lucky bamboo in home brings them prosperity.  The next one, lotus bamboo gets the name as its leaf bracts resemble the lotus flowers. It also has got other names like rose bamboo, flower bamboo, etc.

Now that we have introduced the varieties of plants that can be used in the home, we can now look at the benefits of keeping bamboo plants in home. We have listed below the benefits of using bamboo in your home or office setting and what the meaning behind the number of bamboo stalks used.

  • Single bamboo stalk is a lucky log
  • Two bamboo stalks symbolizes love
  • Three bamboo stalks represent long-life, wealth & happiness
  • Four bamboo stalks draws negativity in home
  • Five bamboo stalks reinforces your emotion, mental, physical and mental health
  • Six bamboo stalks brings in prosperity
  • Seven stalks ensure overall health
  • Eight bamboo stalks represents grow & thrive. Also it improves fertility
  • Nine stalks bestow great luck to the receiver (gift nine stalked bamboo to your loved ones)
  • 10 stalked bamboos represent the completeness
  • Twenty-one bamboo stalks gives both great wealth and strong health

Now that we know the different benefits of bamboo we can see that the biggest benefits of bamboo plants at home are its flexibility in accomplishing whatever you desire based on where you use it and the blessings you may be seeking.

In closing we can see that bamboo has many benefits in your home bringing positivity to your surroundings, good luck, balance, esthetic design to your home or office along with assisting in purifying the air. Whatever you may be looking for, the use of bamboo can bring the positive energy and decorative qualities to life.  It is an inspiring plant and will enhance your quality of life and well-being.