Bamboo Bed Blanket





A cooling blanket that is breathable and hypoallergenic will help you sleep better. Bamboo fibers create a lightweight bamboo bed blanket that is silky soft and comforting.  Our knitted blanket is the perfect weight to keep you warm but not hot, great for menopause symptoms and hot sleepers.

Key Details:

  • WHY BEDVOYAGE: premium bamboo fibers, fade resistant, Oeko-Tex Green, organically grown bamboo
  • SILKY SOFT & COMFORTING: a luxurious cashmere-like feel, twice as soft as cotton
  • HYPOALLERGENIC:  soothes sensitive skin. Say goodbye to irritation, puffiness, acne, and rashes. Bamboo resists dust mites
  • BEAUTY SLEEP-RESISTS BACTERIA:  Skin irritations can be unknowingly caused by poor quality blankets. Bamboo blankets naturally resist bacteria
  • STAY DRY-MOISTURE-WICKING: Bamboo wicks away sweat up to 3x faster than cotton, keeping you dry, fresh and clean while you sleep
  • COOLING BLANKET:  bamboo breathes 3x more than cotton, so you won’t overheat, stay cool all night. Great for menopause and hot sleeper
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Made from Certified Organically Grown Bamboo. Oeko-Tex Made In Green: skin-safe. Vegan and Panda Friendly
  • 100% Rayon Viscose Bamboo


  • Queen includes 1 knitted blanket at 108″x90″
  • King/Cal King includes 1 knitted blanket at 116″x94″


  • VERY IMPORTANT:   We’ve oversized the linens to allow for the first-time shrinkage that occurs, wash them FIRST to allow for the best fit.
  • Zip the duvet, euro sham or travel pillowcase CLOSED prior to laundering to maintain the integrity of the zipper.
  • Wash the linens in cool to warm water with a gentle liquid detergent, and dry on low to medium, removing immediately will reduce wrinkling.  WEIRD fact! Bamboo comes out of the washer feeling stiff and canvas-like, that is normal so you don’t have to worry that you’ve harmed your linens.
  • For best results, wash the sheets separate from other items, especially towels. Towels produce a lot of lint, which can stick to sheets and create friction which causes pilling.  Our linens are made from a tight twill weave, which makes a beautiful sheen, and also keeps  them from pilling!
  • We recommend giving your pillowcases a hard shake to smooth out the hem, before placing in the dryer. And removing the sheets from the dryer when done will help reduce wrinkling.  We don’t coat our linens with formaldehyde, which is a wrinkle-resistant chemical, so it’s natural that bamboo may have a little wrinkling on the hems, or develop soft wrinkles as you sleep on them.  But each time you launder, they come out smooth again!
  • Avoid liquid chlorine bleach, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and washer or dryer balls. Harsh detergents can do damage to fine linens and particularly high quality sheets. Bleach can weaken the rayon fibers, reducing the life of your sheets, and fabric softener and dryer sheets can leave a film on the fabric, reducing the moisture-wicking properties. Dryer sheets can cause discoloration, and washer and dryer balls, similar to washing with towels, can cause pilling.
  • For stubborn stains, spray chlorine-free stain remover or a mixture of 1 tablespoon of vinegar with 4 tablespoons of water directly on it, then launder as usual.
  • Stains from natural body oils or body lotions, can be removed by prewashing your sheets in the washing machine with ¼ cup Dawn dish washing liquid. Or you can gently rub a few drops of Dawn and water into the stain, then launder as usual. Dawn is a natural de-greaser and works wonders on the stains!
  • If you like to iron your linens, you may do so by using high heat and steam, it won’t harm them at all.

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