Drawer Organizers

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Drawer Organizers

Brand: Bambüsi

Color: Natural Bamboo


  • HIGH QUALITY, SCRATCH-FREE BAMBOO: The drawer organizers are made with heavy-duty bamboo and premium quality eva FOAM so that your drawers won’t get scratched or damaged. The strong mechanism has excellent tension so they’ll stay securely in place.
  • ORGANIZE THE RIGHT WAY: This set of drawer organizers will keep your drawers tidy in the kitchen, bathroom, and at the office. Have your kids use this in their dresser drawers to keep their socks and underwear manageable.
  • EASY INSTALL EASY CARE: With these drawer dividers you’ll feel like you’re cheating on the DIY route. To setup: pull back the spring-loaded end, position in a drawer, and let go. No tools, no mess, no stress. To clean, wipe down with a damp cloth.
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTHS: Designed to fit into every drawer, these drawer dividers are 17.5″ x 5/8″ x 2 5/8″ and expand to 22″. They can be placed vertically or horizontally, and even stacked in the drawer.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Organization should bring you peace of mind and joy. If you committed yourself to tidying up with the Bambusi drawer dividers, and it did not spark any joy, we will provide a refund.


Bring joy into your life with organization!

These remarkable Bambusi Drawer Organizers helps you discover items you forgot you owned, and, helps you find -lost – pushed into the corner – items. The wood dividers are easily adjustable. Use them vertically, horizontally, or stacked as a deep drawer divider. Create more place in your drawers by setting up these separators perpendicular to each other. With Bambusi, customize your drawers and section them as you’d like.

These drawer dividers are perfect for organizing with the Konmari method.

  • Makes everything easy to spot
  • Items can stand and not be stacked
  • Keep items smooth – not wrinkled or messy

Commit yourself to tidying up so that you can finally see your stuff again!

Why Use Drawer Dividers to Organize:

  • Better than plastic bins – now you can use the entire drawer
  • More economical than custom carpentry – and it will still look remodeled!
  • Convenient – make your own sections and easily adjusts to changing needs
  • Looks awesome! – clean, neat and sophisticated

Features of the Bamboo Dresser Dividers:

  • 100% Premium Moso Bamboo – solid, strong, eco-friendly and all-natural
  • Tension springs – keeps the separators in place, but doesn’t loosen drawers
  • Eva Foam Edges – your drawers won’t be damaged or scratched
  • Expandable & Adjustable – fits nearly every drawer and double stacks for deep drawers. Measures 17.5 – 22″x 5/8 x 2 5/8″ high.

What to use these versatile dividers for:

  • Flatware – make neat sections for a custom cutlery tray
  • Utensils – separate by utility or frequency use
  • Pens, notes – for a neat desk drawer
  • Spices – keep spices neatly aligned and similar items together
  • Toiletries – stand everything upright so things don’t topple when you take something
  • Dresser – fold your clothing neatly, like Mari Kondo, and stand them upright