Foldable Shelving Unit

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Foldable Shelving Unit

  • X Style Foldable Shelf: Assembling in minutes becomes possible as the shelf stand is an X shelf and to fold flat = shelf is a piece of cake. It is FOLDABLE, sturdy and stylish and fits easily anywhere-at work, home, school, or office
  • Space-saving Open Shelf: Without shelf, things in the living room/ bedroom turns to be in a clutter. 4 tier shelf allows you to maximize room usage of 30 x30.8 cm².Give your room an extra storage area.Or as a corner shelf!
  • Convenient Shelf Unit: Moving house is not a normal thing but redesign house layout can be a normal thing as our mood is changing. 2 tier+3 tier+4 tier matching is a layout while 4 tier+ 4 tier too.
  • Home & Office Display shelf: collectibles, books or picture frames add a scene of decor to any boring room in your house.
  • STURDY as well as ATTRACTIVE both Important: Selected solid bamboo material, produce with exquisite craftsmanship. Color in Natural bamboo and white is a modern stylish Home Decor.

Choice For Young Generation

Get organized at home or at the office with Nnewvante folding shelving unit @#Home Decor

You must have beloved photos, handmade crafts, favorite books, and now you will have a place to display with this 4 tiers open storage shelf unit(Or you might own 2+3+4 tier shelf combo). It must be an extra storage area in your living room, dining room, bedroom, home & office and even for your hallway.

  • Colour Match look like Visual Freshness
  • Shelf Quality indeed based on Material, Craftsmanship Tech, or even at a screw
  • Pursue both appearance and quality–Not a single one can be omitted